Analytics integration

Data-driven marketing is real, and it’s happening right now. It refers to the marketing insights and decisions that arise from the analysis of data – in this instance analytics data.

There’s no point of having an all-singing all-dancing website if you can’t track your visitors’ website activity. So by monitoring, measuring and tracking website activity you have the opportunity to use analytics to deliver data driven online experiences to your customers.

You could for instance enhance the user journey by optimising your most popular webpages. You could deliver better online campaigns based on historical activity, and you could even deliver personalised contextual content based on a visitor’s previous online activity.

We have helped many of our clients fulfil their analytics needs, in particular Sitecore analytics, which can be considered as a true indicator of your website traffic as the data comes directly from your Sitecore website. We have carried out many Sitecore installations, most recently using MongoDB integration (for Sitecore v7.5 or higher).

Whichever channels you use we can help you keep pace with your digital traffic. We have integration experience in the following analytics tools:

  • Adobe AdLens
  • Bing Webmaster
  • Google Webmaster
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Flash Talking
  • Mountain Redirect
  • MyThings
  • Omniture
  • DoubleClick DART Natural Search
  • DoubleClick Floodlight
  • RedEye
  • ClickTale
  • Sitecore Analytics
  • Sitecore xDB Cloud Edition
  • 51 Degrees
  • Banman
  • MaxMind
  • Mosaic

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