Learning management & research systems integration

Online learning is a main stay in today’s digital world. More and more students and professionals are turning to e-learning as a platform for study, career change and career progression.

Educational institutions have utilised e-learning platforms by integrating them with their existing websites. By doing so they have enhanced their offerings by delivering a secure and trusted learning experience with a recognised accreditation as the outcome.

Research databases also play an important role. These databases provide a plethora of resources to academics and professionals.

Our experience in integrating learning management and research database solutions can expand your business’s reach. We understand the importance of the integrity of your organisation and how important it is for you to deliver an up-to-date syllabus and/or accurate research results.

We’ve worked with the following learning management and research systems:

  • Articulate Online
  • A4E
  • Ebsco
  • Prometric
  • Cross Knowledge
  • Moodle

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