Add Sitecore modules to your Sitecore website

As a Sitecore Platinum Partner we have vast knowledge and experience in working with this ever popular WCMS throughout its version history.

As well as helping many of our clients leverage some of the most common ‘out-of-the-box’ modules, we have also helped them enhance their Sitecore websites with other useful Sitecore modules.

Take a look at what we've worked with:

  • ECM/EXM (XP)
  • Web Forms for Marketers
  • OMS/DMS/Marketing Experience (XP)
  • Social Connect
  • Salesforce Connect 1.0
  • S4S
  • Personalization Tracker
  • Actual Conversions Report
  • Historical Conditional Renderings
  • Campaign Tracking on Aliases
  • Measurement Types for MV Testing

Our development expertise has also taken us into the realm of developing our own Sitecore performance enhancing modules, which you can read more about here.

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