Zuken - a Codehouse Sitecore solution case study

Codehouse use Sitecore expertise to enhance Zuken's Sitecore website.

Winner of Best Manufacturing, Automotive & Technology at 2013 Sitecore Site of the Year UK.

The Zuken website leverages Sitecore personalisation.


Zuken, a Codehouse customer since 2010 wanted its Sitecore solution to evolve so that website visitors have a better understanding of who Zuken is, to offer visitors the ability to identify products of interest and to quickly explore core areas within the website.

Zuken also wanted to generate more customer demand from its site, by driving traffic through touch points so that visitors can easily contact Zuken’s expert team. Web Form for Marketers integration was requested so that specific data requirements were captured.

Zuken also recognised that relevancy through personalised and regionalised content and promotion was an important facet to improving the customer experience. These enhancements required Zuken's new Sitecore website to be cleaner and fresher, to have a simplified structure and navigation, to serve relevant content and to be easier to manage.


Codehouse used front end and back end development expertise to help Zuken adopt a flexible design approach on its Sitecore website, which included carousel navigation and rotating banners.

To meet the data capture requirement the Codehouse team integrated Sitecore's Web Forms For Marketers (WFFM) module with Zuken's Sitecore solution. Codehouse also used its Sitecore expertise to develop a bespoke tool called the Tag Analyser which was designed to help Zuken's marketing team filter and export captured data more efficiently. This implementation also enables Zuken to extrapolate data from the Sitecore Analytics database in order to generate email campaigns using collected data tags.

Codehouse also integrated Sitecore's Digital Marketing System (DMS) with Zuken's website. The integration included configuring pre-defined rules as set out by Zuken.


Zuken's fresher and dynamic enhanced Sitecore website offers easier navigation, eye catching carousels and rotating banners as well as an easier registration process.

The new database stores every piece of information submitted by a user through a web form. The Tag Analyser is then used to export data relating to sales leads which are then automatically distributed amongst resellers and direct sales every 24 hours. The exported data is based on a set of definable rules within Sitecore.

By leveraging Sitecore's Digital Marketing System Zuken can assign persona personalisation rules to its home page so that when particular persona criteria are met Zuken’s home page serves relevant products based on the rules applied. For example, when a visitor spends time within one of the main product areas the home page and adverts relating to that product will be served.

Other personalisation features includes GEO-IP targeted banners and event listings, and GEO-IP location based personalisation on Zuken's home page, which serves country-relevant specific banners and events listings depending on the visitor's country.

Via Sitecore’s Marketing Centre Zuken can define goals and campaigns, and through Sitecore's Engagement Analytics Zuken can generate reports on users' visits and identify visitor location by using reverse DNS and GEO-IP lookup techniques.

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Zuken - a Codehouse Sitecore solution case study

About Zuken

Zuken is a global provider of leading-edge software and consulting services for electrical and electronic design and manufacturing. Founded in 1976, Zuken’s headquarters are in Yokohama, Japan with its European base in Munich. It employs 1,200 staff worldwide and reported revenues of $231 million (£141 million) in its financial year ending March 2013.

Its global website is aimed at European and American markets, but is global in focus, with site content offered in four languages; English, German, French and Italian. Zuken also has other websites run by its offices in Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan.

About Codehouse

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