Focus and stay on track by analysing your actual requirements.

In order for your project to keep its focus and stay on track it is imperative that you uncover your actual web development requirements.

Every IT project should start out with a thorough analysis identifying and prioritising every requirement and challenge. You will reach the goal of a web development project through either strategic decision-making based on in-depth analysis or a stroke of luck.

At Codehouse, we don't put our trust in either luck or coincidence, we base our guidance on analysis and facts. The starting point for a successful web development project is the uncovering of your actual requirements in the form of a requirements specification.

In the requirements specification we identify, prioritise and document all the relevant requirements in order to ensure common ground for all of the stakeholders involved. The requirements specification is also used to identify your target audience and uncover their user patterns and it is used to organise requirements, wishes and visions into one single specification. The requirements specification is repeatedly kept up to date in order to manage changes and meet new requirements. This way your project will stay on track and you will receive the right project on time.

To delve deeper into your project a series of discovery workshops can also be organised. These 'workshops' are an ideal opportunity for both parties to clarify assumptions and expectations they may have. They are also an excellent platform to discuss other opportunities the project may yield.

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