Our redirects module for Sitecore CMS helps prevent broken or dead links.

Hold on to your Google-rankings and maintain great user-experiences while making changes to your website.

The Redirects Module for Sitecore enables you to create 301 and 410 redirects directly within your Sitecore CMS. In other words: your visitors will never again be met with frustrating error codes but instead redirected to the right pages. In addition to an improved user experience, and the elimination of broken links, you won't lose your Google rankings while redirecting your website traffic. This means Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) without coding.

The module consists of both 301 and 410 redirects which are the most common types of redirects. 301's are used when you move content from one place to another on your website. The search engines read 301's as a permanent move thus keeping the indexation of a page even though it is moved to a different URL. 410's are used to automatically inform your visitors when they try to visit a page that no longer exists. But as opposed to the standard page, you can customise the design of the module pages.

Additionally, the module includes a script that helps automate the process when changing the location of entire structures. The script automatically creates 301 redirects for every single page in the structure pointing to the new locations.

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