Use your Sitecore CMS as a direct portal to the blogosphere.

The Sitecore Blog Module from Codehouse lets you transcend the borders between corporate website and blog - and content manage everything from within Sitecore CMS.

The Codehouse Blog Module expands your web presence by arming you with a blog which is the perfect tool for campaigns and communication within a given target audience. A blog can be a strategic tool for establishing two-way communication with your stakeholders. You can encourage a dialogue by letting your stakeholders comment on your posts – ultimately resulting in a community around your brand. A blog can be used to empower your employees by letting them contribute with content, and a blog can boost SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and Google rankings by generating links, traffic, and interest in your website.

With the Codehouse Blog Module for Sitecore you can manage the blog from within your existing Sitecore CMS. This means no new tools to learn and full integration between blog and website. The blog can be integrated into your site or it can be created as a separate entity.

If you are interested in signing up to a Codehouse Support Agreement with access to our comprehensive 24/7 support for your Sitecore website then please get in touch.