The Codehouse Carousel: Responsive UI module for Sitecore CMS.

Whether we own a smartphone, a tablet, or both, our typical day involves interaction with a mobile device. This is the norm. The fabric of the world we live in. This is why developing responsive websites that present the visitor with scaled down pages that are a perfect fit for the device is so vital.

The Codehouse Carousel for Sitecore CMS is a UI module built by Codehouse, developed in-house for integration with our clients' Sitecore projects. The Codehouse Carousel is currently used on the ADVA Optical Networking website, developed by Codehouse. It also features on the homepage of the new Codehouse website.

Codehouse Carousel for Sitecore CMS

The Codehouse Carousel performs all typical functionality of a website slider. But what makes the Codehouse Carousel stand out is its flexibility.

The carousel slider is fully customisable. It can be configured to support images, text and rich media, any of which can be added to any tile. And it gets better. Each tile in the Codehouse Carousel is integrated with Sitecore's Digital Marketing System (DMS). This means each tile can be easily personalised so that relevant content can be served to website visitors. This rich functionality allows Sitecore content editors the ability to easily customise the carousel with a flexibility which would otherwise be implemented by a developer using code.

Codehouse Carousel features include:

  • Fully responsive
  • Touch support
  • Slider mode settings (fade/slide)
  • Slider control settings
  • CMS setting parameters control
  • Flexible API for developer extension
  • Modular instances supported (page feature/widget etc.)

Multiple instances of the module can be used in your Sitecore powered website, each with its own configuration

If you are interested in signing up to a Codehouse Support Agreement with access to our comprehensive 24/7 support for your Sitecore website then please get in touch.