Creating forms in Sitecore CMS has never been easier.

In need of a finely-tuned forms engine that saves you time and trouble whilst enhancing the user experience for your visitors? The Codehouse Forms Module for Sitecore CMS is a fast and easy way to creat order forms, questionnaires, registration forms and more.

With the Codehouse Forms Module you can improve your visitors’ user experience with the use of online ordering, online registration, online questionnaires, etc. At the same time the module is an easy-to-use tool for gathering structured data from, for example, employees, clients, business partners, or members.

The module has a forms engine developed specifically for Sitecore CMS enabling you to create forms directly from within your Sitecore solution. In fact, we have made it easy enough that even the most html-averse web-editor can use it without needing assistance from the IT department.

The module is perfect for registration forms, order forms, questionnaires, contact forms or something special, specific to your specific needs. Due to its incredible flexibility, forms can be adjusted with regards to both content and design – which makes them perfect for almost anything. You choose how you want to combine text boxes, drop-down menus, radio buttons, etc, and you choose where you want to place the different elements.

The Codehouse Forms Module is designed for large corporations, organisations and associations who often use forms on their websites.  The Codehouse Forms Module is the perfect solution when forms are to be used; for employees to report data, customers to order or curious minds to register an interest.

If you are interested in signing up to a Codehouse Support Agreement for comprehensive support for your Sitecore website then please get in touch.