Let your clients easily find you with Google Maps.

A picture can say more than a thousand words – and when your clients need to find you, a map can say more than a long explanation. The Codehouse Google Maps module for Sitecore CMS implements a section from Google Maps directly into your web page fully managed from within your Sitecore solution.

The Codehouse Google Maps module for Sitecore CMS can help your clients find you – on the map. The key concept is usability as you create an easy way for your clients and partners to locate you. The module can be used on various pages on your website to illustrate with a map where the nearest retailer is, where your conference is being held, where your offices are, etc.

A section of Google Maps is shown directly on your website and the user can zoom and move around on the map. And since the module is designed with the flexibility to adapt to your web design, you decide where you want the map to be implemented in your design.

The web editors are given a simple interface within Sitecore CMS enabling them to pinpoint the desired locations and even search for locations via the integrated search bar. They then manage and publish this as normal web content.

The Google Maps Module is developed by Codehouse and is seamlessly integrated into your Sitecore solution. All data is saved in an XML snippet making it easy for developers to edit and work with using XSLT.

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