You can optimise the way you tag content on your website.

How do you keep on top of classifying and tagging your website content whilst minimising overhead? Let us introduce you to the Codehouse LexisNexis Tagging module for Sitecore CMS built by Codehouse.

With the Codehouse LexisNexis Tagging module for Sitecore CMS you can optimise the way you tag the content on your site making it more findable on Google and other search engines.

With increasingly large volumes of content, a crucial part of helping your customers locate the content they want to read is through the use of tags and classifications. With the LexisNexis module you are able to get the content classified and tagged against five dimensions (Industries, Subjects, Places, Companies and Organisations) as you create it using LexisNexis Taxonomy Solutions. Tagging suggestions are returned in real time with their relevance (or fit) shown in percentage terms. Using an intuitive User Interface, built by Codehouse within Sitecore, the editor is in full control of tagging a piece of content based on LexisNexis’ suggestions.

The module is controlled from within Sitecore, is easy-to-use and integrates automatically with LexisNexis’ Taxonomy Solution, the industry-leading classification system providing content-enabled workflow solutions to clients all over the world.

To read more about the tagging service offers by LexisNexis, please use one of the following links:

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