Let your visitors rate your website's pages with just a single click.

Use page ratings to let your visitors interact, inform others and help you learn what they really like. Codehouse’s Page Rating Module for Sitecore CMS lets your visitors rate your website’s pages, blog posts, products, and services, etc. with just a single click.

The Codehouse Page Rating Module for Sitecore is a small module that does what it says on the tin. It enables visitors to rate pages on a Sitecore-driven website with one click. The module displays what the average rating is.

All the ratings are stored in a database which means that you will be able to use the rating results to gain insight into your visitor’s preferences. You will get to know which pages they like the most and which pages don’t even get a rating.

You will then be able to mould your future website content to fit your visitor's preferences. From a marketing perspective the Codehouse Page Rating Module for Sitecore can thus work as a valuable feedback and research tool.

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