Convert visitors to customers: Gain insight into your visitors' needs.

With the Codehouse Quick Poll Module for Sitecore CMS your visitors get a chance to tell you what they think through easy-to-use quick polls on your website.

How do you get an insight into what your visitors want without using time consuming questionnaires, focus groups and interviews, etc? With the Codehouse Quick Poll Module you can use polls to receive fast feedback on practically anything from products and services to attitudes and opinions. And its easily managed from within your Sitecore CMS.

Your visitors can just click a check box here and a radio button there as they move through your website and so let you know how they feel about certain topics – instead of you, and them, investing hours in endless questionnaires. You don’t have to bother your visitors with complex questioning but just encourage them to consider X, Y or Z.

You are given a unique opportunity to gain insight into your visitor’s wants, expectations, and preferences, which you can use to adjust your services – or maybe just the way they are presented – and convert visitors to clients.

Codehouse Quick Poll enables the web-editor to create unlimited numbers of polls with predefined question and answer possibilities. Polls can be designed to be active only for a certain period of time in order to appear just when they are relevant. The responses can easily be viewed and categorised to aid extracting meaningful data.

Codehouse Quick Poll Module is developed to be flexible enough for you to use your own designs through the use of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

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