Sitecore Salesforce Connect Module

The Sitecore Integrated Solutions Team has developed Salesforce Connect 1.0. Released as a shared source module Salesforce Connect 1.0 provides a connector to your Salesforce CRM system.

The module is flexible, fully extendable and can be customised to suit your requirements. By connecting your Sitecore solution with your Salesforce CRM you will achieve seamless integration that will be beneficial to your business.

What does Salesforce Connect 1.0 offer?

  • Your Salesforce contacts can be assigned as Sitecore users
  • Create/edit/delete your Salesforce contacts via the Sitecore user management tools
  • Your Salesforce contacts are saved as a contact facet in Sitecore’s Experience Database (xDB)
  • You will be able to fully extend Sitecore pipeline-based architecture
  • The API allows you to read from, and write to your Salesforce solution
  • Availability of source code

Salesforce Connect 1.0 requires Sitecore 7.5 or greater and is available (with supporting documentation) from the Sitecore Marketplace. Not running Sitecore 7.5? Then talk to us about upgrading your Sitecore solution.

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