Inspire your visitors. Guide them to the most relevant pages on your website.

“Hey! You! Get into my cloud”. With the Codehouse Tag Cloud Module for Sitecore CMS you can guide your visitors in the right direction.

Concentrate on usability and make searches for certain topics and keywords much easier. If you look to the right hand side of this (and other pages) you will see that a tag cloud is a little cloud of keywords making pages containing those keywords much easier to find.

A tag cloud is a strategic tool used to guide your visitors in the right direction – e.g. through a planned use of tags you can point your visitors towards certain pages on your website. When the visitor clicks on one of the tags they will be shown a list of links to all the pages containing that keyword. What’s more, the results set is sorted in the priority you set for your XML sitemap (which you can learn more on in the modules section). That’s “joined up thinking” for your online presence.

The tag cloud is automatically built from the keyword tags you place in your pages. The more common tags get prominence by using a larger font size; the greater the frequency of the tag in your site, the larger the text appears in the cloud. Your tag cloud is thus a collection of links used tactically to make your visitors aware of certain topics.

The Tag Cloud Module for Sitecore CMS is developed by Codehouse and is designed to integrate seamlessly into your Sitecore solution and your website.

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