Plug into social media with our Twitter Module for Sitecore CMS.

Social media integration? You bet! With the Codehouse Twitter Module for Sitecore CMS you will be able to publish easily to your Twitter account when you publish new items in Sitecore CMS.

The Codehouse Twitter Module fully integrates into your Sitecore CMS and is as easy to use as everything else in Sitecore. All you have to do is set up your Twitter account within Sitecore and press the Tweet button from the Sitecore item you want to tweet about. The module suggests the text for your tweet based on the item's title and contains a link to the post on your website by automatically generating a shortened URL. But, before you tweet, you still have the freedom to modify the suggestion any way you like.

Twitter offers the opportunity to access a huge network and generate traffic to your website which ultimately can result in increased business. With the Twitter module you'll be able to automatically publish news, articles, blog posts, etc. on the Twitter platform directly from your Sitecore items. Save time and ease the content management burden. A simple but effective social media integration.

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