Help your website improve its organic search ranking.

The Codehouse XML Sitemap Module for Sitecore CMS improves Google’s chances of finding and indexing your website and your website’s pages.

The Codehouse XML Sitemap module for Sitecore CMS enhances the search engine's chances of finding all the relevant pages on your website. Web editors are free to choose whether a page should be included in the sitemap and it's also possible to prioritise pages individually. The XML sitemap can therefore function as a key component in your web strategy by deliberately emphasising certain aspects of your website.

The XML sitemap is actually an XML file containing your websites entire structure. Search engines use this file to navigate your site. What this means is that your potential clients can then find you through Google. One of the advantages with an XML sitemap is that it enables the crawlers to dig deep into the site structure and find the content of your subpages – as opposed to only finding your landing page content.

The XML file is automatically updated and saved and all new pages registered, thus aiding the search engines to crawl their way through all the pages you have included.

The XML Sitemap Module for Sitecore CMS is developed by Codehouse and is seamlessly integrated into your Sitecore solution. The module is extremely easy to use and gives you value (and value and value) for your money by helping your website crawl its way to the top of the Google rankings.

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