Control & measure email communications with the Email Experience Manager for Sitecore.

The Email Experience Manager enables you to maintain your organisation’s visual identity from one place. You can engage with your ‘target markets’ (subscribers) with relevant email communications whilst measuring the full cycle of your visitor’s user journey from email through to your Sitecore website.

The Email Experience Manager (previously Email Campaign Manager) is part of Sitecore's Experience Marketing (previously the Digital Marketing System). Email Experience comes with a raft of great features.

Intuitive SPEAK interface

An intuitive SPEAK interface (Sitecore Process Enable and Accelerator Kit) allows you to easily manage emails using a six tabbed 'step-by-step' process. This user interface has the added functionality of a “Message Info” section and an “Overview” section so that you can view all the components and reporting tools required to efficiently build and analyse your email communications.

Improved flexibility for campaign creation

The flexibility of Email Experience Manager allows you to create and define a target audience prior to building and sending your email communication. There are three types of messages you can create: a One Time Message (a single message dispatched for a specific purpose), a Subscription Message (to subscribers) and a Triggered Message (sent to a single person at a time when triggered by a specific event).

Enhanced analytics

The Sitecore Experience Database reveals click through rates, where your recipients have clicked, what they are downloading, how long they stay on each page, and which landing pages perform the best.  For every email transmission a detailed report is generated in the Executive Insight Dashboard.  This includes a “Recipients Funnel” which displays recipients in varying states of the messages' engagement plans. This is a valuable tool that can help you to make informed and calculated business critical decisions based on recipient behaviour.

Multivariate testing

When it comes to determining which email variation works best, Email Experience Manager allows you to test any part of your email message from subject line to body text, with the added option of either manually selecting the winning email variant, or by letting Sitecore's Email Experience Manager decide.

Sitecore Design Importer compatibility

Like its predecessor ECM, Email Experience Manager continues supporting the Sitecore Design Importer Module meaning those who have the module installed can easily import a design from a webpage directly into Email Experience Manager, from where, even non-technical users can edit images and links, as well as creating editable areas. This functionality not only makes the creation of landing pages and campaign microsites less challenging, it also saves time in multivariate testing.

Together with the Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) and Experience Marketing, Email Experience Manager continues to deliver high levels of performance. And by integrating Email Experience Manager with your CRM system, your sales team have the ability and scope to nurture leads with relevant and targeted email campaigns, increasing the likelihood of sales conversions and establishing one-to-one relationships..

If you want to find out more about how Sitecore's Email Experience Manager has the potential to enhance your email communications, or if you want to upgrade your existing ECM to Email Experience Manager then get in touch.