Start your Sitecore CMS project with Sitecore Discovery Services.

Sitecore is a powerful and complex content management system. This means you really should get expert consultancy, training and support to make sure you get the best out of it.

As an experienced Sitecore Platinum Implementation Partner (with over 112 years' collective Sitecore experience within our permanent staff) we can help you to get the most from your Sitecore CMS before, during and after your solution is deployed. At Codehouse, we can help get you started on the right path with our Sitecore Discovery Services.

Compare it to trying to build a house on faulty foundations – worst case is that one day your house will come crashing down. It is the same for your website. Without the proper foundations in place you might not be able to fully leverage the feature set or scale the solution as you would want to. But with documented plans and the application of best practice in place then the foundations laid out during Codehouse’s Sitecore Discovery Services will give you the best chance of success.

Our Sitecore Discovery Service is an open dialogue within a practiced framework that gives you the opportunity to experience first-hand the detailed insight which is needed to get your project off to a flying start. From the outset we will facilitate a set of meetings designed to delve as deep as possible, as early as possible, in order to discover and discuss everything about your project, from vision, to goals through to functional/non-functional requirements so that everyone develops an understanding of what needs to be done. This creates a platform for development that leads to a Sitecore CMS solution that meets your needs perfectly. Through workshops we actively involve the stakeholder groups to understand fully your organisation's requirements and expectations. We believe this is the best way to surface any hidden assumptions or over-ambitious expectations these groups may have. Discovery workshops may also help unlock other potential opportunities that had not been uncovered previously.

The process.

Stage 1 - Workshops.

The Discovery Phase is conducted as a series of workshops that are broken down into key discussion points which include, amongst others, Business Vision and Requirements, Page Walkthrough / Graphical Design Needs and Information Architecture (IA). These are not so much for us to tell you how it should be, but for us to ask the relevant questions and probe into the scope of the project and make sure that Sitecore is at all times fully leveraged and that no-one (especially not the Sitecore solution) is being “painted into a corner”.

Stage 2 - Documentation.

Once a workshop has been completed then documentation can be produced visualising everything from the vision of your web development project down to the URL strategy. Things like Project Principles, Preliminary Annotated Sitemap and Security Configuration Specifications are all part of these deliverables.

The outcome.

We believe that, like any building meant to last, solid foundations are the key to a successful project and that the results from completing a Codehouse Discovery Phase will provide the platform and framework to ensure project success. The entire project team, including the business owners, will then have a shared understanding and set of documents to work from when entering the subsequent Delivery Phase of the Sitecore solution (Did we mention we can help with that too? Though it’s certainly not a condition of engaging Codehouse for Sitecore Discovery Services).

Once finished with Discovery, we are happy to join up with your own development teams or do the whole development ourselves (with your on-going involvement obviously). All of this whilst keeping a demanding eye on budgets, business and time constraints.

The following are a few recent examples of where time spent in a Discovery Phase with Codehouse culminated in powerful Sitecore solutions.


Totaljobs approached Codehouse to help them with the installation, developer training and consultancy of their new Sitecore CMS platform. We advised on best practices and worked closely with their development teams to help them achieve their goals. Totaljobs later won the accolade of Sitecore Site of the Year award in the category & Best Professional, Business and Personal Services Site.


ICAEW approached Codehouse because they wanted the help of Sitecore experts in building a Sitecore solution to bring their website up-to-date and to streamline business processes and online interactions. We helped set them on the right path during the Discovery Phase and then built the solution whilst liaising with the ICAEW IT team for back-office integration tasks.


E.ON and Codehouse held series of discovery workshops have been set up to ensure a complete understanding of their needs and future plans, right from the vision through to the detailed functional and non-functional requirements, which will ultimately lead to a Sitecore CMS installation that meets E-ON’s specifications both now and in the future.

Why Codehouse?

If we had to use one word it would be ‘experts’ but we choose to use five: ‘Experts in all things .NET (especially Sitecore CMS)’. OK, actually, eight words then.

Codehouse is respected for our Sitecore expertise. We have a growing number of permanent UK based highly skilled Sitecore .NET specialists offering consultancy, development and support resources. These range from Discovery Phase Services, to full life cycle project deliveries, to ongoing ad-hoc support and development work. This gives you access to a team with web development competencies, deep technical know-how, business acumen. In short, the ability to solve web-related challenges – your web related challenges.

If you have made the Sitecore choice and want to find out more about where to begin with your Sitecore project, or you just want some advice from CMS experts about whether Sitecore is the right choice for your business, then get in touch with Codehouse.