Unify your marketing strategy with Sitecore’s Experience Marketing.

Formerly the Digital Marketing System (DMS), Sitecore’s Experience Marketing not only inherits its predecessor’s key attributes, it also uses new technologies, as well as the inclusion of additional features.

Sitecore’s Experience Marketing's key feature provides marketers with a drilled down 360 degree view of website visitors. Sitecore’s Experience Profile delivers visitor insights so you can proactively act on visitor behaviour based on the engagement attained through your Sitecore website, social channels and/or email communications. This is achieved by Sitecore's marketing performance optimisation technology referred to as AIDA™ (Analysis, Insights, Decisions, Automation).

With AIDA™ Sitecore processes omni-channel visitor behavioural patterns. These are simultaneously collected, evaluated, managed and analysed so that actionable insights and analytics are available to you for the benefit of planning effective marketing campaigns while improving the visitor experience. For example, delivering relevant content based on visitor behaviour with real time personalisation.

Sitecore’s Experience Marketing also includes an integrated email marketing solution. Previously Email Campaign Manager (ECM), the Email Experience Manager, which integrates with the Sitecore Experience Platform (XP), allows you to build your emails, monitor campaign performance metrics, apply personalisation, and trigger automated campaigns based on events and profiling so that the buying cycle is maintained. With the Email Experience Manager you can also run multivariate testing and integrate it with 3rd party systems like CRM.

With Engagement automation you can develop a closer interaction with your prospects and customers. This is done via a unified system that remembers previous visitor history and delivers a one-to-one experience to your customers. By building engagement plans in a simple drag and drop UI, you can monitor your visitor’s journey and use visitor behaviour to improve engagement in 'dead zones'.

Previously a separate solution, Sitecore's Print Experience, formerly Adaptive Print Studio (APS) is now part of Experience Marketing. Print Experience is a web-to-print solution that bridges the gap between print content and online content. But above all, Print Experience allows you to deliver personalised, dynamic and engaging printed collateral based on online behaviour. This solution is a great tool for your sales team to quickly repurpose content (with no InDesign experience) and to output it with speed and relevancy.

Your sales team can also benefit from Sales Intelligence. By using Sitecore's powerful profiling your team can use improved customer knowledge to engage prospects more confidently and meaningfully so that deals are closed efficiently.

Summary of features:

  • 360 degree view of website visitors
  • Sitecore AIDA™ technology
  • Email Experience Manager
  • Engagement Automation
  • Print Experience
  • Sales Intelligence

Experience Marketing is available with Sitecore's Experience Platform. If want to know more about Sitecore’s Experience Platform, or you are already running Sitecore but would like to upgrade, then get in touch.

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