Salesforce WFFM module

Options for integrating Salesforce with Sitecore.

Integrating your Sitecore solution with your essential systems like CRM is an important element in aligning and nurturing your web leads.

If you’re using The Sitecore Experience Platform and Salesforce as siloed systems i.e. independently, then you’re making life harder than it should be. Your business’s integration and data collection and interpretation abilities are being compromised. But don’t despair! There are integration solutions out there. Below we highlight three different Sitecore to Salesforce modules each with differing capabilities, but equally, each with the potential to get you leveraging both systems optimally.

Sitecore for Salesforce Connector (S4S)

The Sitecore for Salesforce Connector (S4S) is a robust module that enables you to seamlessly integrate your Sitecore website with your Salesforce CRM.

Salesforce S4S module key capabilities:

  • Create web forms
  • Auto-add your web leads to your Salesforce campaigns
  • Capture your website visitors’ browsing data in Salesforce
  • Integrate with Email Experience Manager
  • Use the Salesforce to MongoDB connector
  • Filter and identify your leads in Salesforce
  • Apply personalisation from Salesforce

Salesforce Connect 1.0 Module

Requiring Sitecore version 7.5 or higher Sitecore’s Salesforce Connect 1.0 Module is a flexible shared source connector module developed by the Sitecore Integrated Solutions Team.

Salesforce Connect 1.0 module key capabilities:

  • Expose your Salesforce contacts as Sitecore users
  • Create/edit/delete your Salesforce contacts
  • Salesforce contact data is saved in Sitecore’s Experience Database (xDB)
  • Its pipeline-based architecture is fully extendable
  • The API allows you to read and write directly to your Salesforce CRM
  • Fully customisable - source code is available

Codehouse Salesforce Webforms for Marketers Module

Developed by our in-house Sitecore Certified developers the Codehouse Salesforce Webforms for Marketers Module is a simple yet effective way to capture your web leads directly into Salesforce.

Codehouse Salesforce Webforms for Marketers Module key capabilities:

  • Simple “save action” added to Web Forms for Marketers
  • Easily configured so you can map form fields to Salesforce objects and fields
  • Web Forms for Marketers responses are saved as Salesforce data capture records
  • API works in a way that uses a specific configured Salesforce account. This allows security permissions to be set in order to control what your website is able to create, read or update

Whichever Sitecore to Salesforce integration option you’re considering why not contact Codehouse so we can chat through each one in more detail? Why? Because we have used our integration experience and expertise to help our clients integrate Sitecore with Salesforce. We can do the same for your business.

Is your business using another CRM system?

Whichever CRM system your business uses we can help integrate it with your Sitecore solution. Contact us for a chat.

Time for an upgrade?

To facilitate the upgrade of your existing Sitecore CMS solution you should choose an experienced Sitecore Partner mindful of the potential pitfalls in the upgrade process. Get in touch if your priority is a professional, smooth and safe transition to Sitecore XP8.

As a Platinum Sitecore Solution Partner we want to make sure you get the best out of Sitecore CMS. That is why we offer expert Sitecore specific services that range from consultancy and training to maintenance, migration and support. Codehouse Sitecore Discovery is an open-dialogue consultancy service designed to get your Sitecore project off to the best start. Codehouse Sitecore Business-as-Usual takes over the on-going support and enhancement of your existing Sitecore CMS solution. Codehouse Sitecore Migration delivers end-to-end migration to the Sitecore CMS platform using industry best practice. The Codehouse comprehensive Sitecore Support Service is available to those for whom we have built Sitecore solutions as well as those who already have a Sitecore website and are looking for a flexible, focused Sitecore Partner.