Create & validate web forms for Sitecore CMS in a matter of minutes.

Web forms are common place on virtually every website. Forms are an important element for every organisation's digital strategy as they capture important user information that can be used for marketing purposes.

Creating and validating forms can be complex at times, but with the Web Forms for Marketers Module for Sitecore CMS the creation and validation of web forms can be completed in a matter of minutes.

Sitecore's Web Forms for Marketers is a simple and intuitive interface. Content editors can either create a blank form or edit existing forms to create new ones. To create a blank form all you need to do is name it and then assign your desired fields, add field types and their associated validation rules (single line text, radio list, login, CAPTCHA etc.) and then assign which ‘Save Action’ your require. By default all forms are saved to a database. This means that all data sent via the form is recorded and can be accessed and downloaded from the Form Viewer and/or your internal systems, like your CRM. You can also specify an email address for the completed form to be sent to whenever it is completed.

Submit actions can also be easily configured; you can re-direct the form upon submit to either a dedicated ‘thank you page’ or assign a message that will appear in the form itself after submission.

Web Forms for Marketers intuitiveness with Sitecore Analytics means you can ‘Register a Goal' whenever the form is completed, add a ‘Tag Action’ that will record the email address of the sender, and assign ‘rules’ so that you can profile the type of visitors completing your form.

The module's flexibility allows site editors to not only insert forms via Sitecore's Content Editor, but also assign forms created in Web Forms for Marketers to widgets throughout the website. From a developers perspective the module can be extended to accommodate new field types and custom actions. Forms can also be easily styled with CSS.

As well as being an essential tool for Sitecore CMS, Web Forms for Marketers is a powerful module than can be used by even the most non-technical web editors.

If would like to know more about Web Forms for Marketers for Sitecore CMS get in touch.