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  • Codehouse develop Orbus site on Umbraco CMS.

    We are delighted to have worked with enterprise architecture and business process analysis software specialists Orbus on the development of their e-learning and e-commerce programme implemented on an Umbraco content managed website.

  • The uCommerce platform is available for Sitecore.

    Trying to build the ‘right fit’ e-commerce platform that suits your business and your Sitecore content managed solution can be a complex process.

  • Enhance your Sitecore website with some Sitecore additions.

    For those running Sitecore CMS you'd be pleased to know that we can help enhance not only the performance of your Sitecore CMS website, but also help move your business closer to achieving its online objectives.

  • Sitecore E-Commerce Module.

    If you are running Sitecore 6.6 (or later) you will be pleased to know that Sitecore's E-Commerce Services module can be integrated with your Sitecore solution.

  • Sitecore & Microsoft plan joint ecommerce solution.

    Integration with Sitecore’s Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) and Microsoft Dynamics is aimed to deliver improved channels for digital and in-store experiences. Vantiv’s involvement will deliver seamless payment processing options and improved mobile payments.

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