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  • Unify your marketing strategy with Sitecore’s Experience Marketing.

    Formerly the Digital Marketing System (DMS), Sitecore’s Experience Marketing not only inherits its predecessor’s key attributes, it also uses new technologies, as well as the inclusion of additional features.

  • Codehouse develop Sitecore 6.5 website for City & Guilds.

    Winner of Best Education, Media & Advertising at 2012 Sitecore Site of the Year UK.

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    Based in London, we are a Microsoft Gold Partner and experts in ASP.NET MVC and websites typically powered by Content Management Systems like Sitecore & Umbraco. We have a close historical relationship to Sitecore, the company as well as the product, and are one of the leading development houses when it comes to Sitecore CMS. Additionally, we build websites powered by the open source Umbraco CMS.

  • Sitecore introduces OMS.

    Sitecore recently introduced the Online Marketing Suite (OMS), which transforms your Sitecore solution from being “merely” a CMS to include tools for analysis and marketing. Sitecore OMS brings abilities to analyse your website traffic, segment your visitors and target your content for different user-profiles directly to the tips of your fingers.

  • Codehouse deliver personalised Sitecore website to Monarch.

    Monarch's Sitecore awards include: 2013 Sitecore Site of the Year UK, 2013 Best DMS Deployment/Integration, 2013 Best Travel & Hospitality, 2014 Best DMS Deployment/Integration and 2014 Best use of Web Personalisation.

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