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  • Introducing the Sitecore Blog Module.

    Now you can interact with your stakeholders by letting them comment on your posts, empower your employees by letting them contribute with content, and boost SEO by generating links and traffic to your website. And everything is managed with the same familiar tool - Sitecore CMS.

  • 301 Redirects Module.

    Hold on to your rankings on Google even though you make changes to your website. The Sitecore 301 Redirects module leads you to Google-friendly redirections directly in Sitecore. This means search engine optimisation (SEO) without coding.

  • As Sitecore experts we can help you with your existing Sitecore project.

    We also extend support to others that may need a helping hand. Be that creative agencies needing a technical partner or a Sitecore licence holder who already has their website running on Sitecore CMS.

  • Our redirects module for Sitecore CMS helps prevent broken or dead links.

    Hold on to your Google-rankings and maintain great user-experiences while making changes to your website.

  • Web-to-PDF-Module.

    One click and your website’s content gets transformed into a PDF. The Web-to-PDF module from Codehouse enables your site visitors to save, share and take home the latest content from your website. With the introduction of the Web-to-PDF module for Sitecore you will make it possible for your website visitors to transform the current content of your website into a PDF with a single click of an icon

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