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  • Jobs in Sydney.

    We are currently seeking talented individuals to work on some exciting projects at our Sydney office.

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    Based in London, we are a Microsoft Gold Partner and experts in ASP.NET MVC and websites typically powered by Content Management Systems like Sitecore & Umbraco. We have a close historical relationship to Sitecore, the company as well as the product, and are one of the leading development houses when it comes to Sitecore CMS. Additionally, we build websites powered by the open source Umbraco CMS.

  • Codehouse develop Orbus site on Umbraco CMS.

    We are delighted to have worked with enterprise architecture and business process analysis software specialists Orbus on the development of their e-learning and e-commerce programme implemented on an Umbraco content managed website.

  • About Codehouse.

  • Unparalleled expertise in Sitecore and Umbraco CMS.

    Codehouse's detailed knowledge of specific technologies, systems, and tools, is seen as a prerequisite for providing value-added solutions, rather than the solution itself.

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