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  • Make your website an active part of your business.

    A website is more than merely a display window with a sleek web design. That’s why making the most of an opportunity to source a technical partner that will seamlessly integrate a website with all aspects of your business is essential.

  • Codehouse develop Orbus site on Umbraco CMS.

    We are delighted to have worked with enterprise architecture and business process analysis software specialists Orbus on the development of their e-learning and e-commerce programme implemented on an Umbraco content managed website.

  • About Codehouse.

  • Codegarden 2010.

    Three days entirely dedicated to Umbraco CMS, web development, MVC, .NET, open source, XSLT and a bunch of code-happy IT geeks armed with smartphones and an esoteric vocabulary. If this sounds like the perfect summer event then you might regret that you didn’t get a ticket for Codegarden 2010.

  • Umbraco CMS is the way to go for Hillside.

    An updated website on Umbraco CMS reflecting the beautiful location and surroundings.

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