About Codehouse

About Codehouse.

We’re Codehouse, a Web Development and Digital Design agency based in London, Sydney and Colombo. We’re a Microsoft Gold Partner and experts in two leading Web Content Management Systems – Umbraco and Sitecore.

Our background

Back in the day, in 2005, when Codehouse and Sitecore were in their infancy, we established ourselves in the UK, making us one of the first Sitecore partners in the country. Since then we haven't looked back. We now have locations overseas, more mouths to feed at Christmas parties, additional services, shinier and larger offices, and are one of the few multi-award winning Sitecore Platinum Partners in the UK.

We've built loads of Sitecore and Umbraco websites - some simple, some with complex integration – many for global clients spanning industries from finance to automotive to travel.

Our approach

We bridge the gap between technology and business by using specialist knowledge and real-world experience. By providing honest, measured and common sense technical advice we deliver tailor-made solutions. We have adopted the Agile Development Methodology, a process which favours collaboration and flexibility over rigidly defined requirements. We see this as an essential part of our project delivery as it focuses on value-added benefits for each and every one of our clients.

Our (Your) team

Business is about people. Work is about passion! Experience is about knowledge!

The people at Codehouse are part of a family – a cohesive team of permanent staff with a passion for what they do. From accredited Microsoft, Umbraco and Sitecore developers to certified project managers and UX/UI specialists, our talented team are focussed on delivering better user experiences whilst also establishing and maintaining strong, open and professional relationships with our clients.

We're committed to nurturing our team. We encourage learning and knowledge transfer. In fact, our culture is characterised by respect for the individual, freedom with responsibility, and the belief that our colleagues can flourish given the right conditions and environment. That's why we constantly encourage and support everyone at Codehouse to attain new accreditations, learn new skills and to develop their respective roles and positions. It’s also why we’re always on the lookout for talented people to join our team.

This nurturing of the team has resulted in combined Sitecore and Umbraco skills that amount to over 130 years of real-world experience. That's a lot of mind power to draw from. Add to the mix a multi-award winning Sitecore Technology MVP and a Sitecore Digital Strategist MVP - this amounts to loads of relevant know-how, all channelled into developing solutions that make our clients happy.

Full breakdown of team dynamics

  • Accredited Microsoft developers
  • Certified Sitecore developers
  • Certified Umbraco developers
  • Certified Advanced Sitecore marketers
  • UX/UI designers
  • Certified Sitecore front-end development team
  • Sitecore Technology MVP
  • Sitecore Digital Strategist MVP
  • Project Management with SCRUM accreditations
  • Dedicated Client Services & Support team
  • QA testers (both manual and automated)

Review our history below:

Our History

Codehouse retains Sitecore Platinum Implementation partner status.
Machines are getting smarter (including teaching each other).


Codehouse open an office in Sydney, Australia.
Robot beats Japanese Master Swordsman.


Codehouse colleague achieves 2014 Sitecore Technology MVP award.
Google purchases artificial intelligence technology company DeepMind for £400 million.


Codehouse win multiple Sitecore awards, including the prestigious Sitecore Site of the Year UK 2013.
Tianhe-2 (Milky Way 2) becomes the world’s most powerful supercomputer.


Codehouse embrace Sitecore 6.5 personalisation capabilities.
Facebook valued up to $100 billion after floatation.


Codehouse launches additional Sitecore offerings; Sitecore Business-as-Usual and Sitecore Discovery Services.
Apple becomes the most valuable company in the world.


Codehouse moves into larger offices in Houndsditch.
Apple presents the first successful tablet computer with the iPad.


Codehouse embraces Umbraco, 'the friendly CMS.'
Microsoft replaces memory hog Vista with Windows 7.


Codehouse moves to the top floor of 10 Philpot Lane.
Microsoft "publishes" source code for key parts of the. NET framework.


Codehouse becomes a Microsoft Gold Partner.
Apple's iPhone 2G lands and is soon available with a light sabre.


Codehouse start training on behalf of Sitecore in the UK.
Google buys Youtube for some $1.65 billion.


Codehouse establish themselves in the UK.
Bill Gates knighted, "Knight of the British Empire", by Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace.



The services

Although building Sitecore and Umbraco websites is our bread-and-butter, so to speak, we also offer a broader array of core services designed to give you the best possible web project. These services range from consultancy and BAU to migration, support and, not least, UX/UI and creative design.

Full breakdown services

  • Sitecore CMS / Experience Platform
  • Umbraco CMS
  • Applications development
  • Module development
  • Consultancy
  • Discovery
  • Business-As-Usual
  • UX/UI design
  • Integration
  • Content migration
  • Bespoke training
  • 24/7 Support

Much like the tech industry we never stand still. We’re constantly learning about new technologies and new processes. But most importantly, we’re discovering how they can be utilised to help our clients. And that’s what it all boils down to – our clients, and putting a smile on their faces.

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