Our Partners.

At Codehouse we are very fond of cooperating. In fact, we are so fond of cooperating that we have engaged in professional polygamy with Microsoft, Sitecore, Umbraco and Telligent.

This polygamy, or partner status, has been achieved through dedication and by demonstrating vast technical expertise and application in these technologies.

We've all heard the famous saying: "it's hard getting to the top, it's even harder staying there."   This definitely rings true, because keeping up-to-date with emerging technologies is a prerequisite to maintaining the privileged partner status we enjoy, as well as the benefits (to our clients) that come with it. 

By being at the top of our game, we ensure that any Codehouse solution uses cutting edge technologies that are translated into workable and measurable solutions.  This bodes well for our clients because the benefits for them are written in code, but the essence of the ambitious, marital constellation is that we not only deliver effective solutions, we deliver them with guaranteed best practice.

Our partnerships: