Our strategic focus on the Microsoft .NET platform and related technologies means we have the development expertise to meet your business’s integration requirements.

We do this firstly by discussing in detail your integration requirements. When your project kicks off we work through a series of Discovery workshops to ensure we capture all requirements and uncover hidden assumptions.

From web and Windows applications, CRM and ERP systems, and analytics, to infrastructure, social channels, learning management, databases and payment gateways. Whether it’s Internet, Intranet or both, your integration needs will be in safe hands. Typically these integrations are accomplished with the use of APIs and web services.

However simple or complex, we can enable your business to deliver its offerings in an integrated environment, with the end goal of providing an experience that not only meets your business’s and your customers’ expectations, but also exceeds them.

We love challenges. We find it immensely satisfying knowing that we’ve helped transform businesses. Yours could be next….