Why is having a digital strategy important?

A digital strategy accomplishes alignment between your technology, people and processes to reach your high level business objectives. Digital strategy is achieved using agile methodology. This approach gives you the flexibility to respond to new competitive challenges and demands from your customers as they arise.

Our approach

We determine where you are in your digital maturity journey and what you want to achieve long term. We work closely with you to develop and implement your strategy by combining the skills of our UX, design and digital in flexible build teams. It’s important that we also build digital capability along the way, so you not only have a plan, but have the skills to implement, test and continuously improve.

Every customer is unique, so no engagement is the same. Our tried and tested approach enables you to reach an implementable roadmap for your strategy. This includes:

  • Getting to grips with your business strategy
  • Determine your business' strengths and constraints in the short and long term
  • High level service blueprint and customer experience mapping
  • Understand your customers through persona development
  • Map out your current technology and marketing systems ("marchitecture") to gain a more complete customer view
  • Assess your organisation's digital maturity and opportunities for development
  • Where appropriate, look externally taking into account competitor analysis and forward looking market drivers

    At Codehouse, our digital strategy experts continuously work with our customers to understand their business objectives. This understanding is translated into a measurable and achievable digital strategy implemented through our suite of digital products.

    Six key benefits of a digital strategy

    • Making customer experiences more seamless to achieve better conversion
    • Enabling staff to be more productive
    • Become more data driven to guide and inform decision making
    • Align our digital products and touch points to reach your strategic objectives
    • Moving customers interactions away from the physical to digital
    • Offer customers a personal and relevant experience online 

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