Seven Investment Management - a Sitecore customer

Codehouse develop Sitecore XP 8.1 website for Seven Investment Management

Seven Investment Management have a much improved website on the Sitecore Experience Platform 8.1.


The brief was to deliver a much improved website on the Sitecore Experience Platform 8.1. The newly designed site was to be delivered using web and Sitecore best practices while offering an improved User Interface (UI) that enhances the User Experience (UX) ultimately driving conversions and attracting new business.


To allow the Codehouse Sitecore build team to scope the project, a series of Discovery workshops were held. This started with a walk-through of the set of graphical designs provided by Seven Investment Management (7IM). The workshops helped define the functional and non-functional requirements. Thus, the aim of the workshops was to verify the intended project outcome and validate 7IM’s project requirements to ensure both parties shared the same vision and understanding of the project deliverables.

Adopting the Kanban Methodology of ‘flexible’ iterations, the Codehouse project team, which included, amongst others, front-end developers and back-end developers started work on the responsive website from the visual designs provided. This included coding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, plus the implementation of the consolidated page types and a variety of components. The use of modules rather than rigid page types is accepted best practice when implementing a Sitecore solution as it enables content editors easily to build their own pages as well as giving them the ability to apply personalisation and testing to the modular content and display structures. Our team developed a wide array of modules that ranged from simple “Hero” and “Call-to-Action” modules to the more advanced Fund related modules, which have complex underlying business logic.

To facilitate the uploading of time sensitive and regularly updated fund share class data, the Codehouse Sitecore back-end development experts also delivered a custom import tool. This vital tool is executed via a custom function located in an extended navigation ribbon. Custom extensions such as this demonstrate the true extensibility of Sitecore when in the hands of expert Sitecore developers such as Codehouse.

To ensure the website visitors see relevant content, a validation gateway was introduced to the website to provide differing user journeys for Private Investors and Financial Intermediaries. Similar to content profiling, this feature is managed in Sitecore’s content pane by assigning visitor types to pages via a slide selector field. By giving this level of control to the Sitecore content authors, the solution is future proofed and the power of a customised Sitecore solution is truly leveraged.


7IM’s new responsive Sitecore 8.1 website is a refreshing step forward from its predecessor. Its bold and impactful home page delivers the modernised brand image through a strong hero banner, clear and succinct messaging and real time Twitter feeds. As with all investment management firms in the UK the visitor’s first interaction with the website requires confirming whether he/she is a Private Investor or a Financial Intermediary. The visitor’s confirmation and acceptance determines the type of gated content presented. As the visitor progresses through the site, then calls-to-action, news, analysis, social updates and access to important fund tables and fund literature are made available. Overall, the UI and resulting UX is greatly enhanced.

From a Content Editor’s perspective, 7IM’s new website is simple to manage for 7IM’s Sitecore certified content authors. Sitecore XP8.1’s refined interface enables content editors to navigate easily through Sitecore’s feature set. The impressive Experience Editor has been fully utilised so that creating and adding content via the WYSIWYG interface is very easy. The custom import tool allows 7IM’s content teams periodically to import CSV formatted daily and monthly funds. The tool picks up the unique ISIN & SEDOL codes that are populated by the content editor. When the import is Run, the tool identifies the ISIN & SEDOL codes and then auto-populates fund specific fields accordingly.

7IM -a Sitecore customer 

To ensure 7IM’s content team get the best out of Sitecore, our Client Experience team provided bespoke training and a detailed Sitecore user guide. This has enabled 7IM to become familiar with their new website's structure and, most importantly, to be confident in creating content in the Experience Editor. The 7IM team will be leveraging Sitecore XP8.1’s marketing tools, such as campaigns, goals and personalisation, delivering greater insights into visitor behaviour and an even more relevant visitor experience.

We’re looking forward to the next phase of development and also to help and guide 7IM on their continuous and evolving Sitecore journey.

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7IM - a Sitecore customer

About Seven Investment Management

Seven Investment Management (7IM) was created more than 14 years ago by only 7 people. Since then the company has expanded to more than 200 employees looking after an £11bn portfolio.

About Codehouse

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