Our Digital Experience Booster Pack is 10 days well spent...

When was the last time you reviewed your website? 

Is your brand's online presence working for you from a design and customer journey point of view? Do you have an SEO strategy and improvement plan and digital roadmap in place? Are you delivering on them? When did you last take a fresh look at your website analytics to check whether it’s set up properly and you’re measuring the right things?

Our Digital Experience Booster Pack is a 10-day in-depth look at your website, whether it’s doing the right things for your business goals and your customers, and whether it could be better. It's made up of a collection of tools and elements, including...

Website structure

With one eye on what’s right for your customers and the other on your business and product strategy, we start with a look at your website structure and content / information hierarchy. We outline the audience journey and consider their decision-making process as they browse. Is the structure of your website right for what you do? How do visitors navigate, and is this optimal? Could it be improved?

UX appraisal

What are your customer’s primary goals, and how can they achieve them through your website? What about your mobile experience (responsive or adaptive)? Are your page layouts and templates ensuring that the content that visitors may be interested in is provided in the right place at the right time? If not, why not? We consider website design, imagery, video, and other content elements, and provide recommendations for improvement.

SEO audit

We audit your website from an SEO perspective, looking at structure, page titles, page copy, keywords, key phrases, and link building, amongst other elements, providing recommendations for immediate changes.

Analytics audit

We go under the hood of your website analytics, typically Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, or it could be any other analytics solution, like Omniture or Sitecore Experience Analytics. Against our comprehensive analytics check-list, we’ll assess how your analytics has been set up, verify whether your goals and events are being triggered and that they marry with your strategy, and confirm whether third-party scripts, such as Facebook pixel, have been set up and are working properly. We’ll reveal issues and opportunities for fixes and enhancement, as well as establishing a wider plan to help you customise analytics in the right way for your organisation.

Measurement framework

Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager are powerful tools that empower the measurement of your website, and most organisations already use them. After a discussion with you about your business and website goals, we develop a measurement plan and implement a tailored measurement framework for your website, in order to identify the measures that really matter, in order to help you make quicker and better decisions.

All this and more...

  • Website structure review
  • UX appraisal
  • SEO audit
  • Analytics audit
  • Take-away report

Recommendations you can implement right away!


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How it works

Our Digital Experience Booster Pack is a simple 5-step process.

1. kick-off meeting – in person or virtually over the phone or Skype – to get an idea of who you are and what you’re looking to achieve. You might have an idea of what isn’t working too (the pain points).

2. A half-day structured workshop at your office with your team and our UX and digital experience consultants, where we look to answer questions around: your business objectives, your KPIs, and how ROI is measured; what would make a digital journey special for your website visitors; your focus and strategy regarding mobile/tablet vs desktop; and any significant integration with 3rd party systems.


3. We conduct our expert analysis of your website structure, UX, SEO, analytics, and develop a measurement framework for your website that focuses on what really matters to your business and to your customers.

4. A half-day feedback session in which we report our findings, and provide you with actionable recommendations to implement on your website – a report that you take-away, allowing you to decide whether to go ahead with the recommendations or engage us further in helping you to achieve digital success.

5. A complimentary catch-up after 4-5 weeks to see how you’re getting on.

Book your Digital Experience Booster Pack

If you’d like to learn more about and book your very own Digital Experience Booster Pack, then...