Working in close partnership with Argus, Codehouse worked on a complete brand and design refresh for the new website, built on the Sitecore Experience Platform.

The new multilingual, fully responsive Argus website is designed to improve visitor engagement and increase the number of people who buy their specialist reports, as well as the potential for cross-selling other products and services.

Our design and development teams created new page layouts, taxonomy and tagging. In addition to that the Argus website includes bespoke integrations with Argus’ news and product systems to deliver increased usability and relevance for the visitor when browsing.

Argus website 
The new Argus website

The website also makes full use of Sitecore Boost Values, which counteracts search results being returned based on the frequency of a certain keyword. This allows Argus to specify which pages or content they know will actually be more relevant to the visitor by giving it a value – ’a boost’.

The website also has custom-built forms, fully integrated with Marketo, so that the Argus sales teams can quickly qualify leads and help move prospects through the funnel to becoming a customer.

Scott Berg, senior vice president – marketing at Argus, said, “Getting our new website up and running has been a labour of love for many people within our business over the past few months. We’re absolutely delighted – to the extent that we even made a video of our new website to share with our customers, highlighting all of the new functionality.”

"It just goes to show that working with an experienced Sitecore agency with design, development, and technical integration expertise in Codehouse, produces first-class results"

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