Advanced knowledge in Google Ads advertising products

As a Google Partner, we manage a large ad spend every 90 days. We are also up-to-date with the latest product knowledge, meet Google’s performance standards, and have certified Google search skills.

Our certified Google search skills have been attained by learning advanced concepts for creating, managing, measuring, and optimising Google Ads advertising products. This enables our digital marketers to help improve your campaigns, deliver results, and grow business online across desktop and mobile.

Choosing to work with a Google Partner adds real value to your business!

Our digital experts can improve your Google advertising - from audience and search phrase research to mobile advertising, shopping campaigns and more, we work to the highest standards.

What’s more, being a Google Partner means we have access to fantastic training and support. This means:

  • We can grow our knowledge through up-to-date training programmes that in turn benefit you
  • Any support issues are handled quickly by Google support

Google partner logo 
Codehouse is a Google Partner


Benefits to you

  • Getting you started by setting up the basics
  • Access to our Google Advertising knowledge
  • Potential of improving your digital marketing campaigns
  • Measure results and help grow your business online

Google Partner status is a welcome addition to our existing partner portfolio. We’re looking forward to expanding our Google Ads know-how. Watch this space.

Google Ads and Google Analytics

Our Google knowledge extends beyond search ads! In addition to being a Google Partner we're also accredited in Google Analytics. That enables our experts to manage your analytics account and help set up dashboards, so your data is captured more intelligently.

Need help managing Google Ads accounts? Just get in touch.