We're delighted to announce a new partnership agreement with the content operations platform GatherContent.

Producing effective and engaging content is essential in driving traffic and conversions, creating awareness, promoting advocacy and staying relevant.

Today, there are many tools enabling teams to produce and share content. But over time the process can become fragmented and time consuming.

GatherContent solves this issue by allowing content teams to plan, curate and manage content in one place.

The platform includes powerful features that will streamline content production:

  • Content hub: Create content in one place
  • Content project management: Coordinate with contributors to meet time sensitive deadlines
  • Planning: Use the calendar to plan output
  • Templates: Create templates to ensure formats meet your business needs
  • Style guides: Embed style guides to ensure voice and tone consistency
  • Content management: Collaborate with colleagues and produce effective content - quickly
  • Workflows: Moderate your content with effective workflows
  • Integrate: Map your CMS fields with GatherContent to ensure a seamless integration
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As a GatherContent partner, we'll enable your content teams to leverage GatherContent in combination with your CMS (such as Sitecore) to:

  • Save time and money
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve content quality
  • Control compliance
  • Create effective workflows
  • Instil best practices
  • Apply effective collaboration

We're looking forward to working with this content operations platform to plan and deliver engaging content.

If you want to find out more about improving your content output with GatherContent, get in touch.