We’re delighted to announce that Codehouse is now a member of BIMA, the British Interactive Media Association.

BIMA’s mission is to drive innovation and excellence across the digital industry, bringing together the connectors, thought leaders, champions, and change makers determining the shape of Britain’s digital economy.

BIMA works hard to tackle the digital skills gap, through their BIMA Digital Day initiative in secondary schools across the UK, promoting apprenticeships, an inter-agency mentoring programme.

BIMA also holds networking events throughout the year, where the industry meets to make connections, resolve challenges, and share opportunities with peers.

They also give a platform to the digital innovators and rising stars who are fuelling the UK digital economy through their Hall of Fame, BIMA 100 and BIMA Advance awards.

We’re looking forward to bring our knowledge and expertise to the BIMA community, to help drive forward the future of digital.