Believe it or not, Microsoft has been in the UK for nearly 40 years.

Codehouse has been a Microsoft Gold partner for a number of years, and we’ve been working with .NET and Microsoft since our very beginnings in 2005.

That's why we signed the Microsoft Partner Pledge.

You can be assured you’re in the best of hands when it comes to choosing us for your Microsoft technologies for your business needs, given our Microsoft competency credentials:

  • Gold Microsoft Application Development partner
  • Silver Microsoft Application Integration partner
  • Silver Microsoft Cloud Platform partner
  • Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)
Codehouse Microsoft partner credentials 
Codehouse Microsoft competency credentials

Committed to making a digital difference

As a digital experience design agency, we’re passionate about training, education, diversity and inclusion, working in an ethical manner, and creating and building things that make a real difference to the brands we work with, and their own customers.

We believe, as Microsoft does, that the countries and organisations that will thrive in in today’s world will not just be the ones that adopt new technologies, but those in which everyone has the right skills and the right opportunity to learn new skills to make the most of what will come in the future.

And we share the view that the UK is facing a skills crisis, that we do not have enough people entering the workforce with the right technical and digital skills, and that we need more diversity among those who are building our future, and we are keen to encourage more young women to consider a career in the industry.

Raising the level of digital skills

It’s a simple fact that digital skills are essential in today’s world, and that organisations without these skills will be left behind.

We’re passionate about digital. It’s what we do.

We have a strong commitment to providing all our employees with the skills and training they need to do their job, to think about what skills we as an organisation need for the future, and to nurture people’s passion for computer science, coding, IT, digital marketing, and support what they want to do in the future.

We want to be an ambassador for the Microsoft Digital Skills Programme, raising internal awareness of the programme and taking advantage of opportunities to provide staff with new skills training.

And this goes for our customers, too. We provide as much training and help with raising the level of digital skills within their organisation as they need.

Creating more apprenticeships

Apprenticeships can provide young people with an alternative to university and the opportunity to earn whilst you learn.

We have had a number of apprentices in our business over the years, as well as young people on work experience and internships, and we continue to add to this number each year. We currently have three apprentices with us, helping them to gain the skills they'll need to help businesses in the future.

Take a look at some of the jobs that Microsoft think will be needed in the future.

We’re committed to driving new learning and job opportunities for young people, and providing them with the necessary skills to ensure that they future-proof their careers.

Improving diversity

Codehouse is fully committed to fairness and equality. Everyone here has a voice. And this is a message that has become an ingrained part of our culture.

We register 13.9% above the 6.8% global average (Stacks Report 2017) for having women in tech and development roles.

21% of the Codehouse workforce is female, out of which 37.5% hold senior software development positions

Diversity across all roles is something we’re committed to maintaining and improving.

Implementing responsible and ethical AI

Microsoft is using AI technology and software to empower organisation to change the world through three specific initiatives.

  1. AI for Humanitarian Action – partnering with non-profit and humanitarian organisations working to support disaster recovery, address the needs of children, protect displaced people and promote human rights.
  2. AI for Accessibility – utilising the power of AI to amplify human capability for the more than one billion people globally with a disability.
  3. AI for Earth – putting AI technology and cloud software in the hands of those working to solve global climate issues.

Corporate brands such as Telefonica, Marks and Spencer, Honeywell, Coca-Cola, and Dixons Carphone are also using AI to improve customer engagement, optimise digital marketing activity, unlock real-world customer insights, and drive improved customer experiences.

We will ensure that we build AI in a responsible and ethical way, consistent with AI design principles such as: fairness (protecting dignity and guarding against bias); accountability (where decisions made by AI must be accountable to consumers); explainable (AI must be understandable); and ethics (where AI must assist humanity and respect rights such as privacy).

If you’re looking for ways to see how AI can help your organisation, we’re here to help – and we’re committed to using AI in a responsible and ethical manner.

Want to talk?

Whether you’d like to know more about our apprenticeship opportunities, or you have a challenge that could be solved by using AI and you’re investigating how to use it, or you’re using Microsoft technologies and need help and support from a long-term trusted Microsoft Gold Partner, we’re here to help.

If you’d like to talk, then just get in touch.