This week, Codehouse staff will be taking part in a Certified EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Foundation Training Course.

Under the GDPR, all company staff need to have had GDPR and data protection training.

At Codehouse, we like to take that extra step, which is why we’re sending our staff on an external accredited GDPR training course, covering:

  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) background and terminology
  • Data protection principles
  • Special categories of personal data
  • The rights of data subjects, including data access requests
  • Controllers and processors
  • Data protection by design
  • Securing personal data
  • Reporting data breaches
  • How to perform a data protection impact assessment (DPIA)
  • The role of the data protection officer (DPO)
  • Transferring personal data outside the EU
  • The powers of supervisory authorities

In addition to this, we are working with all our customers, helping them with their requirements for GDPR, as they strive towards the looming deadline for enforcement this year.

On Sitecore and don’t know what to do to comply?

Did you know that upgrading to Sitecore 9 can help your business comply with the GDPR?

We’re already familiar with Sitecore 9, what it can do, and what it takes to upgrade – our own website is on Sitecore 9!

If your organisation wants to do a Sitecore upgrade, but your current agency can’t help, then get in touch with us today.