There seemed to be meetings going on all of the time, and I was invited to join some of them. I saw how stand-ups and retrospectives work.

I went to one meeting where they were discussing some really complicated user stories - I got some of the general ideas, but found a lot of it tricky to understand.

I also joined in a user journey mapping workshop - and that was much easier to get the hang of.

Everyone was really nice. I got the chance to talk to a designer and a front-end and a back-end developer - who showed me a bit about what they do. I also saw the server room - which was like a fridge!

I was given some market research to do, and helped sort out old content that has to be removed before the new GDPR data law becomes active.

In between all of the meetings and work, I played foozeball - there's a foozeball table in the kitchen - and one evening after work finished, I played 5-a-side with the Codehouse developers.

Table football at Codehouse 
Table football at Codehouse

The office was really cool and the location was great - I enjoyed going to the shops at lunchtime and choosing whatever I wanted for lunch.

Overall it was much more fun than I thought it was going to be!

I really enjoyed the week and it's a shame it's finished.

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