Committing to a powerful enterprise grade digital experience platform like Sitecore is a long process. It is after all a significant investment that's expected to yield a favorable ROI.

But there are also other things to consider, like which agencies to approach, and which to finally appoint. You need to think about things like reliability, reputation, track record and support.

It's important to take your time. Be sure that you’ll receive peace of mind; during and after the delivery of your project.

Working with a technical partner over a long period establishes a strong relationship. Your partner will get to know how you work and vice versa.

Having a support agreement in place reinforces the professional relationship with a customer. It’s a 'token of trust'. In other words, you trust your technical partner's expertise enough to let them address and resolve any issues that may arise.

Of course your Sitecore instance will be supported by Sitecore. But that personal support you receive from your partner provides an additional blanket of peace of mind and a greater reach than the software alone. For example, our support also extends to SEO, content guidance and analytics.

At Codehouse our global, fully-managed hosting and support agreement for all our customers. including Sitecore customers, has been a mainstay of our operations for many years.

Over the years as the business has grown, so has our support approach. Today, our comprehensive support service reflects the needs of today’s businesses. We provide full-stack support for:

  • Sitecore technical builds
  • Non-Sitecore technical builds
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Analytics and data visualisation
  • Content marketing
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Every agreement is unique. It is tailored according to your requirements but always built on the systems and processes that we have honed.

Our 'always-on' global, 24/7 365 days a year commitment is testament to the level of support and benefits you’ll receive. Support and relationship management teams are just a call or an email away!

Technical issues are immediately reported via our support portal to the relevant project teams who act quickly to resolve them. This ensures every issue is funneled to the right people and dealt with promptly.

We provide regular updates, provide you with feedback and give detailed reports and analysis. We have a policy of transparency. You receive continual dialogue, information of the issue, why it occurred, how it was resolved and how to avoid it in the future.

Our proactive support service not only fixes technical issues with your website. We also have a Relationship Management team that handles other website support queries. Your appointed Relationship Manager is available to manage BAU issues like change requests and content support etc.

We offer assessments to ensure your website is performing to a high standard. You’ll benefit from a team of experts reviewing any opportunities that can improve your website's digital capabilities. These include:

  • Upgrade options
  • User journeys
  • SEO & analytics audits
  • And more...

Roadmaps are discussed and agreed upon so that your website's technical and digital marketing capabilities align with your business objectives.

What about websites not built by Codehouse?

If you’re thinking of moving from your existing technical partner, we can help. Our full-stack support extends to customers who have moved from their original build agency and chosen Codehouse as their new partner.

Often an agency is just not set up to cover technical support or maybe not as committed to Sitecore as we are.

You’ll benefit from a full technical and security review, SEO audit and a solution assessment. This determines the health of your website prior to officially 'on-boarding' it, at which time it becomes part of our fully-managed support programme. This means you can access benefits such as 'always-on', all year round support, real-time responses, status updates, strategy sessions and more.

Our fully managed support spans the entire project life cycle and beyond. Our dedicated teams go the extra mile to optimise the customer experience and deliver customer satisfaction. We want to make your experience the best it can possibly be.

If you’re interested in a customer support agreement for your Sitecore website, or any other website you may have, get in touch.