Getting your content and marketing teams up to speed with a new content management system (CMS) like Sitecore is essential to building knowledge, gaining confidence, and maintaining momentum.

That's why professional Sitecore training is an important aspect of the project delivery process.

Content teams are the front line to delivering content on time. Without training on the Sitecore Experience Platform it can be challenging to understand the website's infrastructure, even with previous CMS experience.

For example, what are Sitecore components and where are they located? Do they have additional data sources? How does all the content knit together?

With content teams at the sharp end of content creation, empowerment is an important aspect to our training programmes.

We encourage knowledge sharing and 'Sitecore champions' whose role it is to support other team members. Of course, our Digital Experience team is always available for those unforeseen issues, but ultimately, we want content teams to own their website.

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Sitecore training for marketing teams is also important. The need for a deeper understanding of Sitecore's powerful marketing features empowers ownership and allows marketers to deliver meaningful digital experiences, and to measure their effectiveness in Sitecore Analytics.

For example, how are goals and campaigns set up? How are Marketing Automation campaigns created? How is personalisation applied to content? What is the Experience Profile?

At Codehouse, our Digital Experience team fills Sitecore knowledge gaps through effective and flexible training programmes.

Our solution specific online/live Sitecore training sessions are carried out on your Sitecore environment.

The training involves demonstrations, practical exercises, and discussions. We have an open floor policy where all queries, no matter how trivial, are welcome.

Every participant is issued with a training guide with step-by-step instructions on how to complete pre-demoed tasks from creating an item, to applying personalisation rules to content. All you need to do is tell us what you want and we'll cover it. We’ll even produce a full user guide detailing every feature of your website.

Sitecore training programme covers (but is not limited to):

  • Sitecore overview
  • Sitecore launchpad
  • Site structure
  • Page templates
  • Data sources
  • Content editing
  • Media management
  • Workflows
  • Publishing
  • Sitecore Forms
  • Analytics
  • Marketing Control Panel
  • And more...

Sitecore training by Codehouse is guaranteed to improve your business outcomes and competitive advantage. Your teams will be well versed in Sitecore and fully prepared to create exciting experiences for your customers.

By fully understanding your Sitecore website’s content relationships and powerful marketing tools, your business's bottom line will be positively affected.

If you’re interested in our professional Sitecore training service, get in touch and we’ll put together a tailored programme to suit your needs.