There are most likely loads of business owners out there who think they have an amazing website. And maybe they have. Yes it may look good on the outside but beauty is only skin deep. Take a closer look and cracks may show.

Some cracks are bigger than others of course, but if they're ignored or neglected they’ll have a negative impact on a website's health. What do we mean by that?

Well the performance of your website in organic rankings goes beyond garnishing content with keywords. It involves other things like headings, text length, meta descriptions, internal and external linking and much more.

A powerful platform like Siteimprove is the ideal tool. Couple that with a Siteimprove partner like Codehouse then you're on the right track.

What is Siteimprove?

Siteimprove seamlessly integrates with your Content Management System and/or Digital Experience Platform to help your website in three key areas:

  • Inclusivity: Guidance on high quality content to protect your brand
  • Content Experience: Let's you know which content should do better in SEO
  • Marketing performance: Shows how your content performs
Siteimprove seo overview snippet 
Siteimprove SEO overview example

Whichever industry you operate in, the digital landscape is always in flux. You must keep on top of everything and iron out those digital niggles, and the only way to do that is by using specialist tools like Siteimprove.

Choosing Codehouse as your Siteimprove partner puts your website's health in the hands of experts. Your team can focus on other issues while we make sure your website is doing its job, We'll give you the best guidance on:

  • SEO
  • Analytics
  • Content strategy
  • Link building 
  • Quality assurance
  • Page speed 
  • Touchscreen readiness 
  • Domain issues
  • And more...

If you currently use Siteimprove and want a partner to take it to the next stage, or if you're interested in implementing it on your website, get in touch when you can.