Content creation isn't just limited to the Business-to-Consumer (B2C) world. Whatever your business model, whether you own a small business or large one, and whichever market your business serves, content is a major factor why website visitors become prospects and prospects become customers.

Customers, whether purchasing for themselves or for their business are a lot more savvy today than they've ever been. If content doesn't make a connection they're as good as lost.

That's why it's important for B2B businesses to have a strong content marketing strategy that guides customers through the path to purchase.

B2B companies are now fully embracing the benefits of content marketing. And for those that aren't, here are five reasons why B2B content marketing is important.

1. More web traffic

Simply put, the more engaging and authoritative content you produce the higher the likelihood of increased organic traffic. But it’s not just a simple case of producing bucket loads of B2B content. It needs to be considered. Before you crank up your keyboard you need to:

  • Know your audience and its search intent
  • Research your competitors and the keywords they rank for
  • Identify the keywords you want to target
  • Create a content calendar

Following these steps will enable your content teams to produce content that can rank highly on search engine results pages and solve your customers' challenges.

2. More leads

By focusing on the benefits your products or services deliver to your customers you'll be able to look at ways of increasing lead generation.

For example, white papers, infographics and ebooks are great 'lead magnets'. By making the content gated i.e. prospects complete a form to access the content, your sales team receives contact details from ‘warm’ leads it can follow up on and continue the sales process.

3. Increased sales potential

Businesses purchase from authoritative, trustworthy and reliable companies. Implementing an effective content strategy for your B2B audience increases authority and trust in your brand and offerings, thus increasing the potential of converting a prospect into a customer.

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4. Brand awareness = brand exposure

The reach of your brand defines its perceived value. Communicating your brand (and its values) to as many prospects within your targeted segment places it 'front-of-mind'.

One of the best channels for brand exposure is your social media. Your followers follow your brand for a reason. They're a captive audience.

Use this to your advantage by planning effective and informative social media tactics to promote new launches, blog posts, landing pages, demonstrations, events, webinars, offers etc. The more exposure, the more awareness, the higher the likelihood of a conversion.

5. Provides structure

There's nothing less effective than producing content for the sake of it, and on a whim. In order for your B2B content marketing efforts to be effective they must be well planned. This can be per quarter, half year or even for the whole year. Whichever you choose, having a plan in place provides structure to your business.

At Codehouse we support our customers in their content creation efforts. Our Digital Experience team provides the best guidance for creating authoritative and engaging content. Get in touch to find out more.