Organisations can often have challenges with digital marketing, such as:

  • A lack of clarity in how to measure success
  • Not having an easy way to prove success to senior management
  • Insufficient knowledge in how to best use the systems and technology available
  • Developing effective internal digital marketing processes and team structures
  • Creating and managing all the content needed to personalise the customer experience

Our 8 stage assessment is designed to allow you to gauge and understand your current digital marketing maturity and level of success, providing you with the ammunition to establish a high-level roadmap for the future development of your brand’s digital presence.

You’ll get your hands on the data you need to build a business case for further investment into your website and digital marketing activity, as well as a number of quick win recommendations that will positively shape the effectiveness of what you do and keep the people at the top happy.

Our assessment can help with:

  • The curation and ongoing development of a digital marketing roadmap
  • Evaluation of website visitor activity, journeys, and goals
  • Personalisation
  • Review and set-up of lead generation and sales conversion paths
  • Development of campaigns and their ongoing assessment
  • Training and adoption of marketing technology features
  • Analytics dashboard development and refinement
  • Set-up and ongoing review of analytics
  • SEO reporting

Download our 8 step approach to digital marketing success.