Late last year, Forrester published its customer experience (CX) index for Australian brands. The conclusion? Australian brands are struggling to create positive customer interactions and are favouring convenience over customer experience.

The survey measured and ranked 36 brands in Australia across five industries, based on the views of more than 18,000 online adult consumers, and identified how well a brand’s customer experience improved customer loyalty.

None of the Australian brands surveyed fell into the category of ‘Excellent’, and many took a backwards step from the previous year’s findings. 

According to Forrester, top-tier brands provided an average of 17 emotionally positive experiences for each negative one, while the lowest-performing brands provided only six emotionally positive experiences for each negative experience.

The research follows Forrester's Global Customer Experience Trends 2017 report last June, which found just 0.5 percent of global brands are predicted to achieve customer 'excellence' within the next two years.

The CX index report does not mean that customer experience is getting worse, but rather that customer expectations are outpacing Australian brands’ ability to adapt – they are struggling to keep up with demand.

Brands are unsure how to use their data

The Forrester findings are backed up by a recent study commissioned by Criteo that concludes that whilst brands have multiple data points, many lack the ability to act upon the data in a meaningful way.

According to the study, 41 percent of brands are concerned that, by means of using retail giants to sell their products, they will not have access to information about their own products, or their customers.

In addition, whilst 80 percent of brands and retailers realise the potential of data, they are not particularly confident in their ability to crunch the data into meaningful insights and take positive action as a result.

Is this where the disparity between customer expectations of customer experience and brands’ ability to deliver is to be found?

Our view

We think it could be.

We also think it could be down to brands not having the right tools at their disposal.

We know from conversations we have every day with brands in Australia, and from our clients, that customer experience is top of the agenda.

We also know that whilst improving customer experience online is an objective, another is to have the technology to help collect and collate data to deliver meaningful and actionable insights, which ultimately leads to better marketing, increased conversions, and more revenue.

Delivering success for our customers is at the heart of what we do here at Codehouse, and it’s why we’re a Sitecore partner.

Sitecore combines an easy-to-use website content management system with digital marketing tools, a complete (extensible) view of your website visitor data, and (soon) machine-learning-generated insights – allowing you to create, tailor, and personalise each and every customer experience across any channel.

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