How do Taxonomies work in Sitecore?

Taxonomies are part of Sitecore’s expanded Marketing Control Panel. Creating and classifying taxonomy tags to marketing activities like campaigns, goals, and events is simple. Once done, you have the ability to track how website visitors’ interact with your website. This gives more insights on visitor behaviour so you can refine and optimise your marketing strategy - and then reflect it on your website.

Trawling analytics for data can be a headache. Sitecore’s taxonomy feature has the answer

What are taxonomy types?

Sitecore has four basic taxonomy types:

  • Channels:  Classify the paths your visitors use to interact with your website
  • Campaign groups: Classify individual campaigns running across different channels
  • Assets: Classify media items
  • Venues: Classify offline venues, based on where an interaction happened

Example of Sitecore Taxonomies in the Marketing Control Panel
The taxonomies item is a new addition to the Marketing Control Panel

 Create your own

Sitecore’s flexibility also allows you to create custom taxonomies in the Marketing Control Panel and the Campaign Creator to suit your business needs. You can also segment goals, campaigns or assets by creating facets and then assigning these taxonomy tags to your campaigns and goals. This allows you to easily classify and track activity in Experience Analytics.