20 percent of brands do not have the technology to collect online customer data.

This is just one of the remarkable findings from research recently published by Vanson Bourne, commissioned by Sitecore, which covered interviews with 680 brands and 6,800 customers across 14 countries.

Marketers have always been data-driven – it’s the nature of the business. But the advent of digital channels has meant that marketers today need to focus more on collecting customer data, think about how to integrate that data across the different systems that collect it, and give real thought to the types of data they need to collect in order to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

The research found that there is a major disconnect between what consumers want as personalisation and what brands can deliver – and that this is fundamentally down to having the right technology and the expertise to use it…

20 percent don’t have the technology to collect online customer data

Brands are struggling to gain insights from data

The survey discovered that, on average, brands are collecting eight different types of data about online customers. If you multiply that by thousands of customers then you have a lot of customer data on your hands.

When it comes to using that data, 42 percent of brands say they suffer from a lack of integration between data collection applications, 20 percent don’t have the technology to collect online customer data, and 15 percent don’t even have the technology to store it.

In addition, less than half of brands are able to react immediately to online customer interactions – 43 percent in the pre-purchase stage, dropping to 38 percent during purchase, and just 35 percent post-purchase.

Personalisation is a high priority, but there are blockers

According to the study, over half of brands say that personalisation is a high priority for their organisation and 29 percent say that personalisation is their number one priority.

However, 42 percent of brands reported a lack of integration between the different applications and systems that collect data, and 30 percent reported organisational data siloes.

So, brands have customer data, they want to deliver personalisation, but having the right technology at their fingertips is preventing them from moving forward.

More than 75 percent of consumers want personalisation...

Customers want personalisation

The report found that a very high percentage of consumers see the value in personalisation and want more of it more often.

86 percent want personalisation when purchasing large items such as electronics. 81 percent want personalisation when purchasing smaller items such as books, groceries and clothes. 75 percent believe it to be important when searching for marketing information.

However, close to half of consumers said they had stopped purchasing from or interacting with a brand altogether after encountering bad personalisation or inappropriate behaviour such as encountering their personal details being incorrect or brands making an assumption based on a single interaction or purchase.

The report findings make it abundantly clear. The case for investing in the right technology to deliver the personalisation which consumers need and want is staring brands in the face – and they need to do something about it.

What brands want and how we can help

The brands surveyed reported that when it comes to their desired customer intelligence solution, they wanted:

  • To collect customer data down to the individual level;
  • Real-time insights into customer behaviour and interactions as they happen;
  • Have automated responses based on customer interactions;
  • Automatically identify customer segments.

The Sitecore Experience Platform can do all of this and to our mind is the answer to all of the problems brands have identified.

We have over ten years of experience designing and delivering websites and customer experience solutions on Sitecore. We’ve helped numerous brands around the world deliver personalisation at an individual customer level, integrated various systems to allow organisations to have a 360 degree view of customers and their interactions, and helped set them on the path to ongoing marketing automation and optimisation.

If you would like to talk to us about how Sitecore can help your organisation deliver true personalisation, or even how we can help you get under the skin of your disparate data systems, not just your website, and then make them talk to each other, then get in touch today.