So you want a new website and have chosen Sitecore as your content management system (CMS). Or maybe you already have a Sitecore website but you’re not getting the best from it. Either way, with Sitecore you need an experienced Sitecore partner to make things happen.

At Codehouse, we want our customers to understand that there’s more to a website than just adding content. Content management systems like Sitecore have evolved into powerful marketing tools. It’s fair to say that for many Sitecore agencies, educating customers on the more immersive parts of Sitecore, namely its marketing capabilities, can often take a back seat, as a lot of time and energy goes into the design, and the information and site architectures. The marketing aspects of the website are often a post-launch consideration.

At Codehouse, we cover your digital goals and Sitecore's marketing capabilities before and after delivery.

Not only do we focus on the nuts and bolts of the website design and build, but we take a 360-degree approach by placing an impetus on guiding and educating our customers on the virtues of thinking of the bigger picture. What measurable experiences do you want to your website to deliver to your customers? Have you thought about how your business objectives will affect your digital goals? 

Digital goals are business specific. They can be simple or complex. From a form submission to making a sale, or watching a video and downloading a PDF. Whatever your goals, the main thing is to start thinking about these digital goals when planning a new website build or even a refresh or a Sitecore upgrade.

How it works in practice

We encourage thinking about digital goals right from the start during our in-depth Discovery sessions; meetings between every part of the Codehouse project team (project manager, digital strategist, designer, etc.) and your key stakeholders, to explore your business and website objectives, like generating more leads or sales, and ensuring these remain the focus throughout the design and build process.

Translating your business objectives into digital goals, and then achieving them - that's where the real skill lies!

After the Discovery session our Digital Experience team analyses the key findings to determine the right customer profiles and customer personas, user journeys, and of course, the measurable Engagement Value Points that your digital goals will score within Sitecore. These Engagement Value Points help to determine which paths to conversion and which pieces of content work better than others, and which leads or customers are more important than others, to help you optimise the customer experience and your digital marketing activities even further once your new website is live.

We identify a number of opportunities to achieve your digital goals, and formulate a digital marketing roadmap, ensuring that your business-driven digital goals are reflected in the design, so that they can be achieved through the most optimal user journeys. And our SEO experts help to hit those all-important search engine ranking-related goals.

All the while, throughout the lifetime of the project and beyond, our Sitecore Digital Experience consultants (including Sitecore MVPs) are ever-present, providing valuable guidance and knowledge on how to configure goals in Sitecore, and most importantly how to analyse the findings in Sitecore and Google Analytics for potential improvements in content optimisation.

By working with you to determine your digital goals and business objectives right from the start, ensuring these are a key consideration during the design and build of your new website and all your digital marketing activity, not only makes us different to other Sitecore agencies, but it means you get the results you're looking for.

Want to talk?

If you’re considering Sitecore as your website platform, or you’re already using Sitecore and you’re stuck on how to use the digital marketing tools or your website's not working for you, we’d happy to talk – just get in touch.