Sitecore's Path Analyser is often an underrated and underused marketing tool.

With the focus on Experience Analytics and Experience Profile, it's easy to see why the Path Analyser takes a back seat.

But it shouldn't...

The Path Analyser is a powerful tool with impressive data visualisation. A combination of the default maps, some custom maps and funnels allow you to see meaningful data insights like the paths your online visitors take through your site.

Path maps include (but are not limited to):

  • Home page landing
  • All visits
  • Goal maps
  • Asset maps
  • Campaign maps
  • Experience maps
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Statistically significant metrics like Visits, Value and Exits are presented in a variety of views. These include Dashboard, Radial, Vertical, Horizontal and Table.

Each point (page visited) in the user journey is plotted. Clicking each point opens the Page Analyser. Here, you can see more data on your standard pages and dedicated landing pages.

Path analyser radial view
Radial view

At Codehouse we've been using the Path Analyser and its features on a variety of projects. We do this as part of our Sitecore Optimisation Service.

Our dedicated Digital Experience team will review your objectives and user journeys and then translate them into measurable paths and funnels.


  • Customer journey mapping
  • Sitecore Path Analyser implementation
  • Reporting how visitors engage
  • Ongoing optimisation (including content testing)

To find out more about how creating effective paths can add another dimension to your marketing activities talk to our experts.